Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How Do I Love Thee?

This little piece of writing really hits home.  Makes me examine myelf a bit, especially when I see how isolated my life has become as I have aged and been sick.  How much do I love God?  How much do I love the brethren?  I think I have plenty of room for growth here...yet the relationships that I do have stretch me, guess that is a good thing, thank You Lord for blessings in disguise. 

We do seem to be an isolated culture...always on a cell phone or the internet, but how often are we "face to face?"  Guess this is not a new problem for the human race...Lord we just need a real awakening and move of Your Spirit among us, what can we possibly do without You, not much that is of real, lasting value in Your eyes.

I like the encouragement here by F. B. think about being our brothers keeper:

Where is Abel thy Brother? Genesis 4:9

The first question God puts to the soul is, "Adam, where art thou?" The next, "Where is Abel thy brother?" We are our brothers' keepers. Each within our reach, all who need our help, all related to us by the ties of the family, have a claim on us. We must not take an advantage over them; their weakness and need are strong claims on our resources of every kind; we are bound to keep them so far as we can; we may at any moment be called to give an account of their whereabouts. To dispute this is to' betray the spirit of Cain, who was a murderer.
God keeps an inventory of His saints. - In His book their names are written. Their names, abode, and circumstances; their fathers, mothers, and brothers; their occupation, whether they keep the sheep or till the land: all are known to Him, because fixed by His providence. Whatever touches them is, therefore, instantly known to Him. It is as though they were part of His very being, and a stab of pain to them thrills His heart.

God calls us to help Him in keeping one another. - We are to watch for each other's souls; to consider one another to provoke to good works; to bear one another's burden; to exhort each other, to convert the wanderer from the path of the destroyer, and to wash stains from his feet. The cure of souls is the work of all the saints. But this is only possible to those who have been baptized into the Spirit of Christ. Remember that you have just as much love toward God, as you are willing to show toward the brother whom you have seen. "This commandment have we from Him, That he who loveth God love his brother also."

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