Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Although many would deny it vehemently, people appear to know that there is life, or something, after death.
One only has to read the special messages placed in newspapers.
There came a day in King Saul’s life when he was desperate and he needed a word, and it did not matter where that word came from.
He was surrounded by the Philistine army.
Samuel was dead. Saul had played the fool, and received no answer from God.
David was in hiding, Saul was in fear, Israel was in turmoil and leaderless.
Saul issues one swift wrong command demonstrating his impatience and frustration.
He sneaks out in disguise to visit a medium. The poor man went in the dark in more ways than one.
He asks the woman to bring up Samuel. How far has Saul sunk?
Our nation will turn to almost anything in these present critical times, except to the risen and living Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.
An apparition appears masquerading as Samuel and impersonating the prophet Samuel. This mirage, this demonic deception, this visitation, whatever it was, brings troubling news, and not the word of reassurance or peace for which Saul was expecting. Saul collapses.
You do not go to these people for anything else but to be pacified, and often the opposite happens.
If this were possible, if people could be disturbed and brought from heaven, then heaven would be no heaven at all! The whole idea is biblically preposterous.
There is an attraction in what is forbidden. Resist the forbidden with all your might.
Jesus Christ taught that there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.
Sandy Shaw
Nairn Christian Fellowship

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