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Memoir Of Hannah Sinclair

"Your many defects and corruptions"
By Arthur Pink (insightful and helpful)
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He has altogether lost his relish for them(Legh Richmond,

"Memoir of Hannah Sinclair" 1839)

(The following is an excerpt from a letter of Hannah Sinclair to her sister)

The chief danger attending a state of prosperity, is that it strongly exposes us to the temptation of becoming "lovers of pleasures, more than lovers of God," 2 Timothy 3:4. This danger is considerably increased, when people have been introduced into mirthful and fashionable circles. People in such circumstances may be said to stand on the brink of a dangerous precipice. They run the greatest risk of being drawn into a vortex of folly and dissipation, in which all sense of piety is likely to be swallowed up.

But ask a godly Christian, who has just been rejoicing in his Savior, whether he would be willing to give up these delightful contemplations--that he might go to a play, or a ball, or to read a novel--and he would be apt to smile at the question. Not only does he look upon these amusements as vain and ensnaring; not only does he know that they are apt to steal away the heart from God, to indispose him for the exercises of devotion, and to draw him back, as it were, to that world from whence he has with so much difficulty escaped; not only does he avoid them on these accounts--but he can with truth say, that he has altogether lost his relish for them--in the same manner as you, now that you are grown up, have lost your relish for the toys and amusements of children.Your affectionate sister,Hannah Sinclair
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