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You Asked For A Loving God

'Bible verse and quote' from Jan CounsWeek of November 16 - 23, 2008

Bible and Quote Nov 10 -14

(God’s response to David’s cry for help) .the earth shook and quaked, The foundations of heaven were trembling And were shaken because He was angry. 2 Samuel 22:8

You asked for a loving God; you have one. The great spirit you so lightly invoked, . is present; not a senile benevolence that drowsily wishes you to be happy in your own way, not the cold philanthropy of a conscientious magistrate, nor the care of a host who feels responsible for the comfort of his guests, but the consuming fire himself, the Love that made the worlds, persistent . provident and venerable as a father’s love for a child. C.S. Lewis, 1898–1963

(Responding to David’s cry for help, God) rode upon a cherub, and flew; And He was seen upon the wings of the wind. 2 Samuel 22:11

Be alert while patiently waiting for God’s answer for He can move quickly. Me
He made darkness his canopy around him. 2 Samuel 22:12a

Trust God where you cannot trace him. Do not try to penetrate the cloud he brings over you; rather look to the bow that is on it. The mystery is God’s; the promise is yours. John R. MacDuff, 1818-95

Then God thundered out of heaven . hurled his lightnings . valleys of the sea were exposed and foundations of the earth laid bare at the Lord’s rebuke. 2 Samuel 22:14-16

God does use nature to carry out his plans. Joe Guglielmo, Calvary Chapel, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (David had observed how perfect timing of storms and winds had routed his enemy)
(David about God) He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. 2 Samuel 22:17

God never fails those who really exercise faith in Him: He may indeed severely test, but He will not suffer them to be ‘utterly cast down. A. W. Pink

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