Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today's Puritan Audio Devotional--
"Angels damned--men saved!" by C. H. Spurgeon (8 minutes)
~ ~ ~ ~
Life-lessons(J. R. Miller, "In Green Pastures")"Learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart." Matthew 11:29 We all fail in the life-lessons which our great Teacher sets for us. The hardest school-tasks are easily mastered--in comparison with the lessons of: patience, sweet temper, forgiveness, unselfishness, gentleness, humility, purity, contentment. Even at best--we can learn these lessons but slowly. And though but little seems to come from our yearnings and strugglings after Christ-likeness--yet God honors the yearning and the striving. While we sit in the shadows of weariness, disheartened with our failures--He carries on the work within us, and with His own hands produces the divine beauty in our souls.

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